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A Humane Solution of 7-Year Cycle of the Birth Rate Check Explained

Interpretation of the 7-Year Cycle of the Birth Rate Check

..It is important to know and consider that…proposed measures are designed to be rolled out worldwide at the same time and apply equally to all countries (with the exception of primitive indigenous peoples – if so this still exists – who live self-sufficiently in remote areas). In addition to this worldwide introduction, it is an absolutely imperative that the superiors of the countries – politicians, scientists, nobles, billionaires and members of the clergy, etc. – must not enjoy any special rights, but are, without exception, legally absolutely equal to all other people. And what is of course also completely natural: In addition to the central measures required by Billy, a large number of other measures are necessary to solve all the big problems and evils of our time. But more on that later… (quoted from https://www.figu.org/ch/verein/periodika/sonder-bulletin/2008/nr-41/bevoelkerung?page=0,9)


Measures Concerning the Permission to Marry and Procreate

Minimum age for marriage:

Female = 25 years, Male = 30 years

These numbers are valid for all those persons who decide, after a certain time of engagement, to enter into a union for life, with or without the aim of a future wish to have a child. This minimum age for marriage has been deliberately fixed high in order to ensure individuals enough time to become mature adults and to be able to consciously decide to enter into a union. Moreover, there will be enough time to learn one or more professions to be sure about the direction of one’s own life. The difference of age between men and women originates in the fact that, as a rule, girls physically mature faster than boys.

Minimum age to produce offspring:

Female = 28 years, Male = 33 years

The reason for this is explained in the next paragraph.


Criteria for Procreating

A = An existing marriage of at least 3 years: Both spouses shall use these 3 years to find out if they harmonize with each other, if they are in love with each other, or if they have married just out of physical attraction – and if they will procreate a child.

B and C = Proof of a healthy, harmonious marriage; Proof of irreproachable conduct of the marriage partners: This means the marriage partners having a good reputation, being diligent, not creating unnecessary debts, no prostitution, among other things.

D = Proof of ability to raise children: Besides undergoing some form of education (and passing a test) before begetting a child, the parents-to-be have to guarantee unobjectionable material conditions, e.g. good nourishment, finances, dwelling and work, among other things. The child to come shall have a good chance for an upbringing without misery and distress. Patronized people and/or persons who suffer from schizophrenia, mental deficiency or confused consciousness are not able from the beginning to completely – and without assistance – educate/raise children. This fact leads to the next paragraph:

E = Proof of health – no hereditary and infectious diseases, no addiction to illegal or prescription drugs or to alcohol, etc.: This means that the marriage partners are not allowed to suffer the afore-mentioned diseases. Both will have to undergo medical tests. To this end medical and genetic research must be advanced in order to enable ever finer and better diagnoses, and to develop better medications and methods to treat genetic diseases, etc. If a person has “freed” him- or herself from an addiction there must have elapsed a time span of at least 7 years since the last intake of an illegal drug or alcohol etc. Additionally, both marriage partners must have refrained from smoking for at least 18 months.

F = No affiliation with extremist or subversive groups: People who belong to extremist or subversive organizations may not guarantee a neutral education for a child. They are unable to recognize the meaning and necessity of law and order and to let their child become a freely and self-consciously thinking, unbiased human being and citizen. If, after 3 years and having seriously discussed the matter, both marriage partners come to the conclusion that there is real love between the two, and if they are ready to have/beget a child, they can submit a request to the authorities. Its representatives have to impartially check the request (without any corruption, nepotism, racial discrimination, etc.!) and give permission if all of the criteria for “producing offspring” are fulfilled.

Maximum number of children: 3 children per marriage

If permission has been given to beget a child but there is no success (meaning: the woman does not become pregnant), it is recommended/possible to foster/adopt a child (orphan etc.). Priority should be given to children coming from the same country/culture and race. (Artificial insemination of any kind is not advisable, because hardly recognizable mutations occur that will lead to degenerative results in future generations. Surrogate motherhood, etc. is not allowed in any circumstance and must be prohibited.) A maximum of three children per marriage on one hand makes it possible for the children to get enough attention from the parents and, on the other hand, a woman cannot be misused as a “childbearing machine”. (Normally, there should be at least 3 years between the birth of a child and the next pregnancy in order to maintain the physical strength of the mother.) With worldwide birthrate check measures in operation, the maximum of 3 children per marriage will be exceeded rarely (e.g. if there are twins or triplets, etc.). A bestcase example for a couple who want to have children: Conception and birth at 28 years = the first child; at 35 the second child; at 42 a third child? – (Women over about 40 years should have no more babies.)

Thanks to such birth check measures families with one or two children will become standard, a favourable goal in the crusade against overpopulation.



Measures concerning the permission to marry and procreate remain in force, but the 7-year cycle of birthrate banning is omitted.

Of course it would be unwise to start a 7-year birthrate ban simultaneously on our planet. There must be some form of graduation in order to guarantee the further existence of many industry branches or social welfare (teachers, education, schools, children’s clinic, nurses, production of goods for children, etc.) and to prevent a catastrophe. Such a graduation must be applied to every country on Earth. The examples listed below are but two of many other possibilities.

Variant 1 means that in the first year after starting the worldwide birthrate check measures all couples with a family name starting with A, B, C or D (e.g. Adams, Clinton, etc.) may receive permission to beget a child. Regarding China where many names begin with letters X, Y or Z variant 2 would be preferable. In order to guarantee the correct execution of the measures a worldwide decision is required that the last name of the husband/father determines the family name and the name of the children (as it is the case in most cultures since ancient times. This easily enables people to determine the genealogical tree in order to exclude any form of inbreeding/endogamy.). Such a decision doesn’t aim at any discrimination against women, since women and men are, as human beings, absolutely of equal value.



You may ask: What could I do regarding measures interpreted and explained above? The governments and authorities on Earth, as well as the greatest part of all people, will neither show the insight/understanding nor courage to start solving the overpopulation problem at its root, stemming the birthrate through measures as proposed by FIGU. Therefore, it’s up to every reasonable person aware of his/her self-responsibility to live according to the proposed guidelines. It’s the task of every knowledgeable person (especially those standing in higher positions) to help people realize the urgent necessity of these birthrate check measures.

The path to choose lies in the hands of the people: a path forced upon them through hunger, catastrophes, misery, war, etc, – or a path voluntarily chosen through reason, insight, etc.

People should not let themselves be intimidated by the outcry of all those shortsighted or unreasonable individuals or groups who don’t realize the gravity of the situation or indulge in egoism or false humanitarianism, all of which inevitably lead to ruin.

Unfortunately, countless people will fall into the abyss by cutting off the branch they sit on. It’s up to every person to ponder on the above-mentioned harsh measures and thoughts.

There are hard years full of privation lying ahead of us. We will have to change our ways of thinking and suffer many limitations. But, after all, we should never lose the goal before our eyes: We are acting and thinking towards the benefit of the planet, fauna, flora, and especially towards the benefit of our children and children’s children and, ultimately, to our own.

Christian Frehner

(This text is an excerpt from FIGU’s overpopulation #3 booklet.)

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