The Global Climate Strike | Climate strike action in Melbourne

The global awareness of a climate in crisis is creating ripples around our planet and people are taking notice because of the dramatic weather repercussions that we are experiencing. Every human being, every animal and all plant life are affected due to extreme weather changes. In the northern parts of this vast and dry continent wild fires have been burning for weeks and it is not summer time yet, while in the southern parts of Australia the weather is erratic with some hot days followed by cold spells all in one week. When I heard that a global strike is being planned I wanted to participate to bring awareness to our own country. I invited my friend Vibka to join me in this march around the city of Melbourne, Australia. When we arrived at the park grounds, we were met by many people who welcomed us with applause and gave us the signs of approval. I felt a feeling of being welcome precisely because of our clear messages on our placards especially regarding the overpopulation. That feeling of approval of our messages reinforced our resolve to speak to anyone who approached us with questions. In fact we were both interviewed and filmed and I am hoping that these clips of us explaining the reasons of why we were there, will be shared and create many more ripples not just in social media but in fact amongst the young and old who would rather speak face to face in order to help create the understanding about the reasons of climate changes. We listened to many speeches given by the young people who expressed strong feelings of discontent about the carelessness and neglect by our political leaders who refuse to take the correct and right measures to help our ailing our natural world. The leaders of the polluting industries refuse to bring in renewables industries now but instead choose to wait for another 20 years before they will implement any changes. This is an absurd way of thinking! All the speakers were passionate about their concerns for climate change but none knew how to express the real reason of overpopulation. Not one speaker spoke with an understanding that overpopulation is the prime reason and direct cause behind our terrible global woes. So with our placards held high, we meandered through the crowds so that our messages could be read clearly by as many people as possible. I live in hope that many readers will have realised that life must be lived with eyes wide open and that solutions are easier to achieve if only we individually examine carefully our own thoughts and actions. Bianca, Australien


Climate strike action in Melbourne

…This strike was one of the school strikes that Greta Thunberg initiated, but here were old and young
not just high school students. But also whole school classes from elementary schools with the teachers and
Parents took part in what I don’t think is right because I think these children are too young
to understand what it’s about. It is not okay for parents and teachers to have children
Dragging events, because children of this age should not be religiously
politically or otherwise influenced and abused. You have the right to develop freely
until they are the age when they are self-interested in political or religious matters
demonstrate. Our task is to assist them with advice and action and to support them in their evolution
help and not burden our little heads with our political and other concerns. If you
are old enough and want to learn more about these things, then we can do them with different ideas
confront and help them to develop and decide according to their evolutionary task…